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Shortboard EBike Surf Rack

surfboard shortboard bike rack

Shortboard EBike Surf Rack

Surf Rack for your Electric Bike
Safely transport your surfboard with our Happy Ebikes Longboard Surf Rack.
Never worry about finding a parking spot at the beach again. Our Happy Ebikes Longboard Surf Rack is the Eco-Friendly way to catch some waves. Lightweight, strong, aluminum construction. Quick and easy installation.

All the extras come standard.

Our Happy Ebikes come fully loaded from the start.

Top quality comfort saddle and grips, an ergonomic handlebar, front and back rack for additional storage, fenders,  a full color USB display with phone charging, integrated front headlight and back brake light. We include all the extras so you experience the most comfortable, safest, sturdiest ride on the road. 

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