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    What our Happy EBike Customers are saying

    -Danny E. (Google Reviewer)

    Love my bike! Dan and his team do a great job making sure you get the right bike for you. I test rode a few of them before deciding on the folding step-thru ebike and I couldn’t be happier (it fits in the trunk of my Camry!). His technicians are awesome and super knowledgeable. They even helped put a child seat on that I bought separately on Amazon for free! I’ve put on close to 100 miles in the past month and many of my friends who’ve ridden it will also soon be customers. The bikes are outstanding quality and the LCD display is super cool! Overall a great bike and great experience with this company.

    -Sara M. (Google Reviewer)


    We took some time to research them and Happy ebikes won us over. The staff is very knowledgeable, friendly and will offer up advice on what's best for you.

    We're having the time of our lives with our Happy ebikes!

    -Caleb F. (Google Reviewer)

    Happy is the right name as that’s the feeling you get when cruising on these great EBikes. These are quality bikes for a great price. Dan and his team provide great service and support. Highly recommend supporting a local business. #RideHappy with Happy e-bikes!

    -Tony E. (Yelp Reviewer)

    I have 200 plus miles on my Happy EBike and I'm still grinning ear to ear when I ride it! I added a rear seat with foot pegs on the back so my 6yo can take rides with me to the store, lunch, dinner, etc... The bike and staff have been excellent. I have had no issues with my bike and Dan has offered up complementary tunes ups from time to time. I know others that have spent much more on their EBikes and they are not as Happy as I am. Thanks for a great product!

  • Customer Testimonials

    What our Happy EBikes Customers are saying

    -Adam S. (Google Reviewer)

    The Ebike that I purchased from Happy Ebikes is by far the fastest, most durable, well built bike in its class. I’m 6,1 240 and this bike propels me to speeds in excess of 25mph. Going up tall hills is no problem. I’ve traveled over 20miles in one afternoon. It’s a very cool bike and people are always asking me about it as it is quite heavy duty and unique.Highly recommend

    -Larry W. (Google Reviewer)

    I did a lot of research online and also had several friends that had electric bikes. So I had test drove a bunch of different brands and decided on Happy eBikes. I bought one for me and one for my wife. I've been totally satisfied with my experience of the bike and the service provided. I was so impressed, that I got my brother and sister-in-law to buy the same bikes my wife and I have.

    -Chris E.. (Yelp Reviewer)

    I was very impressed by Happy EBikes. They had a massive selection and a knowledgeable staff. They suggested a bike for someone my size and my wife's. Completely different bikes and was thankful for the assistance. Friendly, kind, and easy to work with. Overall, a great experience.

    -Tobin B. (Google Reviewer)

    After searching the entire internet for the perfect e-bike, i stumbled upon a local company that had exactly what I needed. The Happy Ebike Cargo is perfect for me. I load the kids on the back...surfboard on the trouble parking at the beach for me!!!! Plenty of juice to head back home uphill after a fun day riding waves. Team was happy and easy to work with too....THANKS!

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