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Here are the answers to some of our most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).
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Bike Operations

Our bikes are built with a best-in-class Samsung Lithium Ion Battery. The range depends on how much you use the throttle and pedal assist, but typically you can expect to get up to 45 + miles per charge.

Pedal Assist (PAS) is a feature that provides additional assistance while pedaling. It allows you to take on hills with ease, and provides additional assistance while traveling long distance. All of our Happy Ebikes are equipped with Pedal Assist plus Throttle to help allow you travel longer distances with ease.

Yes, all of our Happy Ebikes come equipped with both a Pedal Assist and Throttle (either Thumb Throttle or Half Twist Throttle), which provides a range of options for you while on the road.

With the throttle only, our bikes are set to a maximum speed of 20 MPH but can go up to 25 MPH, making it a Class 3 Ebike. Each state has its own set of rules on maximum speeds. In most states, Class 3 bikes can power up to 28 MPH while pedaling.

Ebike Batteries

Most of our bikes range between 20-40 miles on a full charge. Many factors affect the distance. Key factors include weight, weather, hills, and how much pedal power you are using.

The battery range on our Happy Ebikes is typically up to 45+ miles on a single charge. Factors that influence ebike battery range include use of Pedal Assist and Throttle. For more information about Ebike Battery Care, please visit our blog article.

Yes, our Happy Ebike batteries come with a key for easy locking and unlocking. They are removable which can provide an extra layer of theft protection for you. If you have questions about Ebike Battery Care, please read our blog article HERE

We have written a blog article all about E-bike Battery Care. You can READ IT HERE

View our Ebike Battery Care Guide  for important information regarding care, maintenance, and safety of your Electric Bike Battery.

Most of our bike batteries will fully charge from empty in 3 to 4 hours depending on the battery size. For more information on Ebike Battery Care, read our article here.

Our Ebike batteries are warranted for 500 life cycles. This means that you will be able to charge and discharge your battery fully 500 times before the capacity slightly starts depleting.

General FAQs

All of our Happy Ebikes are considered Class 3 Ebikes.  A Class 3 Ebike, or speed pedal-assisted electric bicycle, is equipped with a motor that provides assistance when the rider is pedaling and stops providing assistance when the bicycle reaches 28 mph. Operators of Class 3 e-bikes must be 16 or older and wear a helmet.

All of our Happy Ebikes weigh between 68 lbs-72 lbs. The removable battery makes up 12 lbs-15 lbs of that total weight, so we recommend removing it for easier transport.

In the USA, the answer is yes, as long as the electric bike has two or three wheels and the pedals are fully operable. The maximum speed is 20 MPH with throttle only, and the bike’s maximum output is 750 Watts. Each state has its laws, so please check with your local city and state governments.

E-Bike Class 1– This is the most common type of ebike. These bikes are pedal-assist only, meaning you have to pedal to get assistance. There is no throttle.

E-Bike Class 2– Same as class 1, but this class also has a throttle.

E-Bike Class 3– Same as Class 1 and 2, the max speed with the throttle of 20 MPH and has a maximum speed of 28 MPH while maintaining below a 750-watt motor.

All Happy Bikes come with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty on the battery, motor, and controller and a lifetime warranty on the frame.  Please make sure to register your Happy Bike. The original registered owner is the only person that is eligible for the warranty.

We encourage our riders to get tune-ups every 300-500 miles. We offer extended maintenance plans with our certified mechanics. It is important always to check brakes and gears before every ride. We have a staff of on-site Bike Mechanics at our retail locations. If you have any Service questions, be sure to reach out to our Service Department at (760) 912-2935

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